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Get Gift Cards & Vouchers Generator For Free

With Gift Card Prizes, you can get rewards & gift cards from a lot of different merchant using your computer anywhere you are. Just choose which gift card you want and if you don't find the one you want, please contact us and we will add it within a month to our system.

You might be thinking that this is just another bad website that doesn't work like many others, but you will be wrong because here at Gift Card Prizes we started giving free gift cards ever since 2004 (that can be verified by checking whois records). We know how to get gift cards for free better than anyone, and while all other websites stopped working we're as good as ever.

Whether you want gift cards, vouchers, or special codes for a specific service that cost money, get in touch with us and we will make a way for you to get it for free. Because once we loose our freedom, we have nothing left on this world, that is why we fight the big companies every day.

Generate free gift cards for any of the avaible systems below, note that the number of cards generated per day is limited. If none is left please return tomorrow earlier, in case you need help please get in touch with one of us.

How can you give gift card codes for free?

We use a special alghorithm that is optimised to generate plausible voucher codes, then we test them against the service data to verify if they work, we test tens of thousands of codes per second so it doesn't take too long to find one that works. Of course the method is a bit different for each app or service that we make gift cards for, but this is the big idea without going into technical details.