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About Gift Card Prizes

We are Gift Card Prizes, the first group to ever give gift cards for free (since 2004) but we stopped after a few years. Now that all other websites stopped working, we are back and giving real codes to you every day. Gift Card Rebel used to be the best place to get free Amazon gift card codes, but now it stopped working and doesn't give real codes anymore. That is why we brought our website back, so welcome!

About Amazon Gift Card Generator

If you are looking for free Amazon codes, Gift Card Prizes is the best and only working place to get them! Having different contributors all over the world, we offer you the possibility to get anything you want without paying expensive prices. We have the best online generator for gift cards that can generate thousands of working codes every day because everything should be free!

How to use Amazon Gift Card Generator

Select the gift card you want and check if there are still some left, then wait for our program to generate your Amazon coupon code and finish its work. Once that is done, copy the code and keep it safe until you use it on the Amazon redeem page. This easy, you can get working gift card codes and enjoy discounts whenever you want.

How does Amazon Card Codes works

With our latest technologies, the most secure method to get new unused coupons is used through this process: our system finds new unused codes from Amazon's database and gives them to you, this way it's guaranteed that your account won't get banned due to the use of fake codes. The vouchers you get are as good as the ones bought on the market. Enjoy Gift Card Prizes, the best existing system to get your free gift cards.

Benefits of using Gift Card Prizes online system

We were all used to getting gift cards by paying for them; a gift card with a lot of credit means that it costs a lot of money that not all of us can afford. That is the main reason why we built our system so that you can generate codes for Amazon and any other system we think you might potentially need.

Information About Amazon

Amazon is the largest Internet retailer in the world as measured by revenue and market. The website started as an online bookstore and later diversified into selling everything else. The company also produces consumer electronics and is the world's largest provider of cloud infrastructure services. Amazon store gift cards are codes that you can use to fill the user's account credits. You can get these cards online or at different stores by purchasing them, or even better, by generating for free on gift card prizes. Once you get your card characters voucher, it will be ready to use to buy anything you desire on the website. Checkout Amazon on Wikipedia

Amazon Gift Cards

The Amazon gift cards are prepaid cards. All of these cards contain a fixed amount of money that you can choose. This voucher will help you buy the items you want with a minimum price. Just use our system, get the code, and use it in your purchases either on the website or the mobile application. P.S: if you'd rather pay money than get Amazon card codes for free, click here

Generator Tools For Free Amazon Gift Cards

You might be asking yourself if Amazon gives out gift cards for free? Of course not. Amazon's goal is making more money and not doing charity. Nowadays, one can find many websites claiming to offer the same service, which is giving you free gift cards, but most of them stop working due to the constant upgrades of the security system. Gift Card Prizes is the first, yet the best website with the best generating system to ever give free and working gift cards (since 2004). Now, all other websites stopped their services or offer non-working coupons only. We're the only choice left to get you gift cards freely.

Want to get Amazon Vouchers?

Big companies still think that once one goes crazy about an item, he will pay any price to get what he wants without thinking. The client's satisfaction is put aside, and the main goal for them is to get richer. That’s what we want to change; our goal is to give all people the ability to buy and have the same stuff and be equal. That is the reason why we give you Gift Card Prizes vouchers; this is our way to fight back this inequality.

Getting Free Amazon Card Codes

With all the discoveries and new technologies, we realize that nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to computers. Building this application was a real challenge, but no challenge stopped us from letting our customers get free codes for their favorite applications & services; together we can manage to change the world for the better. We hope that you like our system and enjoy our service, and don't hesitate to share it with your friends or family that you think might need it.