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About Gift Card Prizes

We are Gift Card Prizes, the first group to ever give gift cards for free (since 2004) but we stopped after a few years. Now that all other websites stopped working, we are back and giving real codes to you every day.

Gift Card Rebel used to be the best place to get free Uber gift card codes, but now it stopped working and doesn't give real codes anymore. That is why we brought our website back, so welcome!

About Uber Gift Card Generator

Gift Card Prizes is the only functional place to obtain free Uber Credit currently, thanks to the dense efforts of many nerds in the entire world. Our main goal is to allow you to possess what you want without the need of paying a big amount of money, because our motto is everything has to be free.

Since our beginning, we've had the best online generator for voucher codes. We can generate thousands of Uber working credit codes everyday for our clients.

How to use Uber Gift Card Generator

Choose the gift card you need and make sure there are still plenty left, at this point our web app will take all needed steps and produce your Uber code. After that, copy the code and save it till you use it on Uber app or website. Right now you can get working gift card codes using our app and with easy mouse clicks.

How does Uber Card Codes works

We put to the use of the most secure technologies to get new unused and perfectly valid codes, rather than making fake codes that can hack the system and get your account blocked. We really pick unused codes from Uber’s databases and offer them to you, the vouchers you get are as clean as the ones available in the store.

Benefits of using Gift Card Prizes online system

The mainstream way to get gift cards and coupons is to pay for them, and in a scenario where you need a huge amount of credit, you will have to pay a ton of bucks. Not every individual of us can pay for such a big amount of money only for gift vouchers. That is the reason we use card prizes system that you can find on the web and create codes for Uber and some other online apps and shops you may need.

Information About Uber

Uber is a worldwide taxi provider offering its services in more than 600 cities worldwide. It offers services such as taxi cars and food delivery. Uber drivers may use their own vehicles, however, they may rent a car to drive with Uber as well.

Uber enables its user base to purchase gift card, these are codes that you can use to fill your Uber credit, these cards can be bought on several websites and stores or, exclusively produced and generated on gift card prizes. When you get your voucher, you can redeem it whenever you want to get your free ride home.

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Uber Gift Cards

Uber gift vouchers are prepaid cards. These cards have a predefined amount of cash added to it. You can use them for getting car rides anywhere in the supported 700 cities around the globe. Visit our free Uber gift cards site and after that pick a value from 25$ to 100$. At this point you will be requested to follow some sites on facebook and twitter. From that point forward, you will get a code. Save it and use this code in your Uber app and enjoy your ride.

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Generator Tools For Free Uber Gift Cards

You may be wondering if Uber really gives out gift coupons? The short answer is no, In fact, enormous enterprises such as Uber, are greedy and all they think about is making profit. There are several sites that can give you unconditional present cards, yet most of them have stopped working due to updates of security Systems. Gift Card Prizes is the one stop site to ever give unconditionally free gift cards (since 2004), and own the best system that can simply create working gift vouchers for Uber or some other apps and stores. Since every other site quit working or may give codes that don't work anymore, we're the sole ones left who are giving working codes and vouchers. We give you the possibility to buy many articles and services without paying a dime.

Want to get Uber Vouchers?

Huge corporates still think that we will pay a big amount of cash for anything we need, their sole purpose is to get more wealthy and they never truly their customers. That is wrong since we trust that all people groups are equivalent and ought to have everything they need, that is the reason we give you Gift Card Prizes System to make free vouchers and codes, this is our way to battle back against the greedy organizations.

Getting Free Uber Card Codes

Nothing is unorthodox in the present times, particularly with regards to today’s technology. It was difficult to make this application that lets you to get free codes for your most desired applications and websites, nevertheless, with a considerable amount of time and work we managed to make it possible.